Respect VS Honour – Copas

Kadang ga terlalu jelas apa bedanya “Respect” dan “Honor“. Artikel copas berikut ini mungkin membantu anda.

Honour is a higher degree of respect. As quoted from the dictionary, “honour” means “to show great respect for someone or something” and the keyword here is the word GREAT. The word great shows that as compared to the word “respect”, “honour” is something more than just “respect”. “Honour” carries a partial meaning of proud and honesty,depending on the context it is used in.

In a sentence, “It would be my honour to meet the President of the country.” The President being in a more respectable authority is worth more respect due to the things he does.

“We must respect the speaker.” This is a example of a use of the word respect. Because the things a speaker does and the things that a President does are on different levels. Since the President is the one who does more important things, therefore the word “honour” is used.(To show how good he is in managing the country.)

Another comparison, “honour” is usually used in a more formal way. An example,”It would be my honour to meet the President of the country.” and in this case respect is not used.

However so, the context of how the word is used must not be neglected. The degree of respect,as mentioned before, is particularly important as the word brings out how much you want to express. If you are confused with previous parts, just focus on this part at the bottom.

“Honour” is a stronger word than “respect”. It is like wordplay on the degree of expressiveness. Another parallel example would be “serious” and “disastrous”. “disastrous” is a stronger word than “serious”.Example such as “His action of stealing a pack of sweets will bring about serious consequences.”. “Serious” is used as the word “disastrous” is used when the author feels that this event have a magnitude equivalent or similar of that to a disaster. In other words, “disastrous” is more serious than just “serious”.

In an essay writing, degree of expressiveness is extremely important as it may alter the author original intention on how the plot should go. In a comprehension passage, we must figure out using the same theory how must the author wants to emphasise on. In general, the words “honour” and “respect” are different in terms of the degree of expressiveness.

I hope you understand. Emotion: big smile(Although it may seem a little confusing.)



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