Hi, welcome to terpelatuk.com – a blog in which the writer pours his heart out after a tiring day at work. It is mostly about MMA -Mixed Martial Arts, the one which is lately making its’ comeback in Indonesia after 12 years of hiatus. The writer believes that there are many things we could learn from MMA, such as respect and honor. Two words that hardly seem different, but are made clear as soon as you get to see two fighters fighting in the Octagon. Of course, that is just the writer’s opinion.

Some of us only see this sport as none other than two people who are stupid enough to beat each other’s head off until one goes down -and the other goes home with the prize. Well, you could call it that.

But thankfully, after 15 years of its first appearance in Indonesia, a lot of people have opened up to this sport and started taking it more seriously to learn about it. Now, we can see the enthusiasm in so many self-defense martial arts communities. The youngsters are taking a liking to this highly sportmanship upholding type of sport. If you see close enough, you’ll find many other martial arts discipline nowadays applying and adding some of the MMA’s techniques to complete their own -IMHO.

But then again, why terpelatuk? Just because.
They say it comes from the english word triggered, which means to be prompted, provoked…

Baca blog -nya ya guys 🙂
Gambar diambil dari sini.
Gambar diambil dari sini.